Getting the Most out of an Exhibition


People generally have to pay a fee to attend an exhibition and want to get the most for their money. Some will take the time to scour the floor plan to prioritize the booths and displays they will visit. Other people jump right in and simply visit as many booths as possible. They choose to expend energy in movement rather than energy in planning. Either way, people want to get everything they can out of attending any exhibition.

There are a great many exhibitions these days and each one has its own specialty. Some are for technology and others are for sports machinery and apparel. No matter what the reason for the exhibition, the vendors want to either make sales during the show or get good leads on future sales. Their goal is to have their brand stand out from all others in the hall. They want as much attention as possible. They also want people to remember their brand after the show is over.

In today's market, getting good market share takes hard work. There are no longer only a few brands selling the same type of items. Companies may now find they have to compete with hundreds of similar companies. Experiential marketing is one of the best ways to make sure consumers remember a company. Tying their brand into a memorable emotional experience makes it more likely the consumer will choose their brand when it is time to buy.

Not all brands have the resources to create an in-depth marketing experience for their potential customers. Some prefer low key selling but use promo girls to attract customers. No matter the type of display they choose, the exhibition staff is on hand to help make their show a success. Exhibition halls are in the business of selling booth space and want vendors to return for many more shows.